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Competition in the Banking Market



The Antitrust Authority is currently taking an active part in the hearings being conducted at the Knesset Reforms Committee in the matter of competition in the banking market.


In August 2016 a draft law in the matter was published:

The Draft Law for Increasing Competition and Reducing Centralization in the Banking Market in Israel (Legislative Amendments), 5776-2016.

The debates in the Draft Law are being held in the Knesset Reforms Committee, and the opening session was held on September 25, 2016. In recent years the Antitrust Authority has been active in several government committees and inter-ministerial teams in the field of banking, including the Committee to Improve the Credit Data Sharing System, the Committee for Increasing Competition in Common Banking Financial Services ("The Strum Committee"), the Committee for Advanced Payment Methods and the Committee for the Regulation of Non-Institutional Financial Services (the Baris Team).

At the same time, the Research Department conducted market research regarding blocks in the field of banking, with the emphasis on the competitive potential in the regulation of the activity of payment services providers and brokerage in financial information services providers to increase competition.


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