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Public Hearing for Shelf Stocking



The Antitrust Authority has published comments from the public regarding the draft rules concerning stocking products in large retail stores.

The complete document may be found here:

The comments may be sent to the Authority before November 16, 2016.

The draft rules were published following administrative work carried out at the Antitrust Authority in order to examine shelf stocking in the food market. The Commissioner is considering easing the prohibition prescribed in the Food Law that prohibits large suppliers from stocking shelves. The concession will only be given to retail stores that issue a detailed planogram guiding every supplier regarding which shelf space is allotted to it and that compel the suppliers to follow the planogram. In the absence of a detailed planogram and its enforcement, suppliers will not be allowed to stock the shelf at the retailer. The proposed exemption is currently subject to a public hearing and any parties who think that the proposed  exemption harms competition or their interests are invited to express their position before the Authority.